Saturday, June 28, 2014


JUNE 28 , 2014

This is our last day of the caravan.   We woke up early with it raining pretty hard along with it being cool.  But I believe that this weather is pretty typical for northwest Oregon.  

First thing on the agenda was to get coffee started. And then get all the breakfast food ready for the group.  

Around 8:00 we started seeing our friends arrive at the meeting room.  It was great to get to visit one more time with them.  There were lots of smiles and tears as we exchanged hugs and well wishes for the future.  

Look at all that good food!!!

Oh goody, more food

So where are you going from here?

I think I've had enough food!

Just one more bite!
Smile you are on Candid Camera

Is this all we do is EAT?

Jim and I want to personally thank each of our guests for being on this adventure with us.  This was a GREAT caravan with GREAT people and we all had a GREAT time. It is always sad to see everyone leave on the last day; but many of them we will see again.  We wish you all a very safe and blessed trip home.  (Hugs and more Hugs)

Rig 3 Jim and Betty (Assistant Wagon Master/Tailgunner)

Guests and staff:

The Guests

The Staff

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