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JUNE 25 , 2014

Today was a beautiful drive along winding roads with lots of wild flowers.  We wanted to stop in Cathlamet, Wa. to see the 1895 Pioneer Church built into a rock outcropping that overlooks the village, but couldn't see any place to stop.  But we did see some neat things.

Rusted tractor and wagon

Boat in someone's front yard

We continued on to Grays River to see the Covered Bridge.  We stopped at a vacant cafe parking lot and unhooked to go down to see the 1905 Covered Bridge with the 158-foot span and is considered the oldest remaining covered bridge in the northwest, and the only one of its kind in the state of Washington. To our surprise it was very plain.

Sign for the Historic Grays River Covered Bridge

1905 Covered Bridge 
Road to the Covered Bridge

The drive was just beautiful.  We followed the Columbia River all the way. We went from Oregon to Washington and back to Oregon. 

Columbia River

Logging Truck

Our next stop was the "Dismal Hitch", where Lewis & Clark were held up  by storms. 
Dismal Hitch

Dismal Hitch

And just before we arrived at the RV Park we had to cross the 4.1 mile "Astoria Megler Bridge".  In the middle of the bridge we entered the state Oregon.

We got in to the next RV park around 1:00 pm and just enjoyed the afternoon.

Kampers West RV Park

The afternoon was free to just relax and enjoy the day.

Girls playing 'Hand and Foot'

Guys with their 'Bull Session'

Around 6:00 pm our leaders cooked us some wonderful hamburgers and everyone else brought some GREAT food to go with the hamburger feast.   WOW what great cooks we have on this caravan.

We ended the evening with AVC Bingo. 

N WHAT?????

Another Great Day....... 

Rig # 27 Cal & Mary Kay

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