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JUNE 24 , 2014

We got up bright and early to catch the bus for our trip to the Mount St. Helens in Washington.  Our bus arrived at 7:45 and had everyone on the bus by 8:00.  We are off to another great adventure.

Our first stop was at Mount St. Helens Visitor Center.  We viewed a movie and went through the information center with various information about the volcano of Mount St. Helen.

This October will mark the 10th anniversary of the volcano's dramatic 2004 reawakening and start of a three-year-long eruption that built a 1,000 foot tall lava dome in the crater.  

Don & Mae at the Visitor Center

This is a display of the mountain ranges
 in the Mount St. Helens Vicinity

Our next stop was the North Fork of the Toutle River, where one of the main streams from the volcano flowed and of course the famous home of 'Big Foot'.   At this area a family had built a brand new A-Frame home.  But never moved in because the 1st floor was filled with volcano debris.

A-Frame filled with debris

Ronnie & Roland with Big Foot
Elsie watch where you are standing

We found Big Foot
Our next stopped was at Hoffstadt Bluffs for a wonderful lunch and a beautiful view of the area. 

Don't bother me now, I'm eating

The view from the restaurant at Hoffstadt Bluffs

Here is a good comparison of the same area from the Hoffstadt Bluffs -  Before and After the volcano.
Before the Volcano
After the Volcano

We then moved on to the Johnston Ridge Observatory.  We viewed an excellent movie on the how the volcano erupted and how it effected the area.  This movie, and the information center, is one not to miss if you ever go there. 

Next spring they will commemorate the 35th anniversary of the May 18,1980 eruption.  As everyone remembers the catastrophic events and all that was lost, you can't help but be amazed at the pace of returning life and astounding rebirth that has occurred since 1980.

Mount St. Helen is in the distance
There are trees and flowers everywhere

Flowers among the destroyed trees

We boarded the bus to begin our journey back to the  RV Park.  On the way we saw mountains covered with the growth of new trees.  And even saw a truck that was destroyed by the debris of Mount St. Helen.

Pete & Verna getting on the bus

WOW is this beautiful

Look closely at the two trees growing out of the truck

Another Great Day.

Rig #17 Dudley & Rexine

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