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JUNE 26 , 2014

Today was another early to rise.  We had a bus waiting for us at 8:45, to take us on the Astoria/Seaside tour.

We begin with going to Fort Clatsop.  This is perhaps best known as the place where the Lewis and Clark expedition "wintered over" in 1805-1806 with the Corps of Discovery at the Fort.  The expedition spend its time hunting, making moccasins and clothing, trading with the Clatsop, Tillamook and Chinook American Indians and reporting in their journals.

We were first met by a ranger who gave us information about what we were going to see at the Fort.  We then begin with a movie about the life of the Lewis and Clark group, and ended with us walking up to Fort Clatsop.

Our guide did a great job of giving us information on the Fort
Bob, Sacagawea can't hear you!
Phil, we do have other seats in the theater

Our group picture at Fort Clatsop

Another guide explained how
Lewis and Clark expedition lived the Fort 
Jeff and Noreene with the guide

Jim and Betty had to try out the bench
 made of a tree trunk

Great picture of the firing
of the rifle 
Living quarters for Corps of Discovery

After spending much time at the Fort, we boarded the bus and headed to the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

This 44,200-square-foot Columbia River Maritime Museum brings to life the rich maritime heritage of the entire Columbia River region.  Exhibit galleries in the internationally acclaimed museum include fur trade and exploration; navigation and marine safety; fishing, whaling and canneries; sailing vessels; steamboats on the Columbia River; and naval history.

Columbia River maritime Museum

Our guide showed us around the museum

The Columbia river was named after this ship

Among many things In the museum, there was a section dedicated to the US Coast Guard.  The mouth of the Columbia is extremely dangerous because of the sand bar at the bottom of the river, with the tide coming in and the Columbia River going out.  This area is one of the main areas for training US Coast Guard and Pilot Captains.

US Coast Guard Boat
After the museum we were on our way to lunch.  What a wonderful lunch at the 'Baked Alaska Restaurant'.

With full tummies we boarded the bus again, and headed to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment.  We watch a movie about Lewis & Clark landing here but because of the weather the Corps of Discovery chose to go back to the Oregon side of the river to settle down for the winter.  We wandered through the museum and viewed the light house before leaving to go back to the RV Park.

Sign for Cape Disappointment

Beautiful walk to the Interpretive Center 

Light House at Cape Disappointment

We got to spend some time with our great nephew and have decided he will be a future Adventure Caravan Guest

Youngest future Adventure Caravan Guest

Again, another GREAT Day!!!!

Rig #22 Jeff and Noreene

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